Roll searching is more for fun than for profit, but silver is always exciting

Found in Rolls: Latest dime hunt yields 1951-D coin and die error
By , Special to Coin World
Published : 11/25/16
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Although this coin with eviden­ce of a die crack is not extremely valuable, it still a nice example of this error type.

My next find is easier to describe. It is a 1951-D Roosevelt dime. Whether I am searching through dimes, quarter dollars or halves, I always get a kick out of finding any coins made of silver. At this very moment silver is trading at $18.42 per ounce, making this dime’s bullion value a whopping $1.33, but that is not the point.

Being able to add silver coins to my collection for face value is just very exciting to this roll searching addict. I guess it is the adrenalin rush that I get when I see silver in a roll. Whatever the reason, it is just plain fun.

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