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Here's what we know about the 1964 Morgan dollar

Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker has shared details about the previously unknown 1964 Morgan dollar that will be featured in the upcoming edition of A Guide Book of Morgan Dollars

Whitman announced Monday that new research in the updated book will include “counterfeit error coins and other topics, including a numismatic bombshell: recent discoveries and photographs revealing the previously unknown 1964 Morgan silver dollar.”

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Tucker responded to Coin World's request for further information about that 1964 Morgan dollar on Tuesday afternoon. Here are the basic facts we know:

Where was the discovery made?

The Philadelphia Mint

When was the discovery made?

July 2015

What was found?

Obverse and reverse models for a 1964 Morgan dollar, plus hubs and master dies for the coin.

Who found them?

John Dannreuther and Dennis Tucker, in a group that also included Q. David Bowers and David Sundman, all there on a research mission that included a look at the Mint’s archives.

How was the discovery made?

Dannereuther was going through a cabinet of trays with various tooling for a variety of Mint products when he noticed obverse and reverse galvanos for the Morgan dollar; Tucker joined him to look at them when they both noticed at the same time that the obverse was dated 1964. Much excitement followed, and they were granted entrance to the vault for dies and hubs, where the additional tooling was found.

Were any coins found?

No, and uncertainty remains as to whether any working dies or trial strikes were made.

Was anything else interesting found?

How about obverse and reverse models for the 1964 Peace dollar (really!), plus hubs and master dies for that coin as well, which we know were struck.

Were any 1964 Peace dollars found?

No, unfortunately.

This story is unfolding and Coin World will have many more details as we continue gathering information on this exciting discovery.

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