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Why a 1983-P Washington quarter sold for nearly $2K

Modern issues in top grades continue to get the attention of collectors putting together grading service Registry Sets.

However, collectors would be wise to keep an eye on grading service population reports to monitor increase of certain issues in top grades as more modern-era coins are submitted to grading services. With a limited number of buyers, addition of new examples certified in top grades can have a big impact on the price.

As the supply of these modern issues is only going to increase over time, to sustain demand more collectors will need to keep wanting these. 

Here is one of three recently sold high-grade modern issues we're profiling in this week's Market Analysis:

The Lot: 

1983-P Washington quarter dollar, MS-67

The Price:


The Story:

Among Washington quarter dollars, some issues from the 1980s that are generally worth face value become rarities in top Mint State grades.

The Philadelphia Mint struck more than 673.5 million 1983 quarter dollars, but of the more than 1,000 graded by PCGS, just 11 have been graded MS-67.

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At a July 24 online auction by GreatCollections, a PCGS MS-67 quarter dollar sold for $1,925. Just a month earlier, at Heritage’s Long Beach auction, a different example sold for $2,596.75.

Curiously, at that time PCGS had graded just nine examples in MS-67, meaning that in the following month two more examples were added to the population report.

What is the value of your 1983-P Washington quarter? Coin Values tells you.

What a difference a point can make to value, as examples graded MS-66 routinely sell for around $100.

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