1974-D aluminum cent displayed, Bowers writes on ‘controversial’ coin grading: Week’s Most Read

Coin World looks back at the five most popular stories from the last week
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Published : 08/19/16
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It’s time to catch up on the week that was in numismatic insights and news.

Coin World is looking back at its five most-read stories of the week.

Click the links to read the stories. Here they are, in reverse order: 

5. What does research firm say about investing in palladium?: The U.S. Mint's planned palladium bullion coin might be coming at the right time.

4. Why a 1983-P Washington quarter recently sold for nearly $2,000: Modern issues in top grades like this one continue to get the attention of collectors putting together grading service Registry Sets.

3. Day one of the World’s Fair of Money: Viewing a once-in-a-lifetime rarity, for the third time in 15 years: Coin World senior editor Jeff Starck was on hand at the ANA World's Fair of Money and caught a glimpse of the 1974-D aluminum cent.

2. Q. David Bowers: Grading an undefined hobby area in determining coin's condition: Bowers writes that coin grading is "the single most controversial" and "least scientific" area of numismatics.

1. 1974-D aluminum cent draws crowd at ANA World’s Fair of Money: The United States Mint exhibited the sole known example of the mysterious rarity in Anaheim, Calif.

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