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Coin shows always offer something new to learn
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Published : 06/01/16
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At the CSNS show, former American Numismatic Association President John Wilson took third place in the Miscellaneous exhibit category at CSNS for a display of “Postage Stamp Scrip Notes.” I’d never heard of the things, though John pointed out that one of them is pictured, with no explanatory text, in Matt Rothert’s 1963 black Whitman booklet, A Guide Book of United States Fractional Currency.

Before the United States printed fractional currency, two merchants concocted their own postal notes in 1862 using cards. The cards had stamps affixed to them and were designed to circulate at the value of the stamps. A July 4, 1862, issue from Newport, R.I., had 1- ,2- and 3-cent stamps glued to it and the notation “V — United States Postage Stamps — 5 Cents.”

The medium never caught on and the notes are very rare.

Coin shows are great. You always see something you’ve never seen before.

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