Chicago numismatist Walter Perschke dies May 20 at age 77

Formerly owned 1787 Brasher, Punch on Wing doubloon, 1783 Nova Constellatio Type II quint pattern
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Published : 06/07/16
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Chicago numismatist Walter Perschke died May 20 at age 77 in Chicago. He owned what is the finest certified example of 1787 Brasher, Punch on Wing gold doubloon for more than 35 years before selling it two years ago.

For more than three decades, Perschke also owned the unique 1783 Nova Constellatio, Type II quint pattern until consigning it to auction in 2013, nine months before the Brasher doubloon was sold.

Mr. Perschke was an internationally renowned numismatic expert and businessman, known for acquiring storied coins such as the Brasher doubloon and the Nova Constellatio pattern.

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Mr. Perschke was recognized in the financial world outside of numismatics. He was a finance columnist for the Chicago Daily News, had his own Emmy-nominated TV show, Ask an Expert, and appeared regularly on PBS’s Wall Street Week.

Later in life, he was the owner and publisher of Conscious Community Magazine.

He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago. 

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