1776 Continental Currency dollar modern cast replica: Readers Ask

Surfaces and devices rough in appearance
By , Coin World
Published : 05/28/16
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The Readers Ask column from the June 13, 2016, issue of Coin World:

My name is Timothy Wallace and I’m looking for a good buyer for one of my coins. It’s a 1776 coin — a 1776 Continental Currency silver dollar.

Timothy Wallace  /  via email

Unfortunately, what the reader has is a common modern reproduction, cast in base metals, and not an example of a genuine 1776 Continental Currency dollar. 

You can frequently find examples of these replicas at flea markets and similar venues, and sometimes at historical sites where such pieces are sold as souvenirs and identified as replicas or reproductions.

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On your piece, the color is off from what silver would expect to be over time. The surfaces are rough and pebbly. 

The lettering and devices are crudely formed and not sharp in detail. The dentils are also different than on a genuine piece.

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