U.S. Mint officials awaiting decision on distribution of unsold gold dimes

Nearly 3,800 2016-W Winged Liberty Head Centennial pieces in inventory
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Published : 04/29/16
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U.S. Mint officials had not determined as of April 28 how to fairly and equitably distribute the nearly 3,800 Uncirculated 2016-W Winged Liberty Head Centennial gold dimes remaining in inventory from returns or orders that could not be successfully processed.

“If we say that 125,000 is the mintage, this is what we want to sell,” said Tom Jurkowsky, director of the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications. “It’s revenue, but we want to get the coins out to customers and ensure it is done fairly.”



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The coins went on sale at noon Eastern Time April 21 at $205 each, with a household ordering limit of 10 coins. Jurkowsky said the Mint received sufficient orders within the first 40 minutes of sales to put the product into “currently unavailable” status. As of April 28, following preliminary order reconciliation, the Mint recorded sales totaling 121,201 coins.

Many coins already delivered to the customers who ordered them are bringing multiples of their issue price on the secondary market.

The entire authorized production of 125,000 gold dimes was executed between Feb. 23 and March 21 at the West Point Mint.

The difference now held in inventory between recorded sales and the actual maximum production represents coins from orders that could not be successfully processed because of expired credit cards, efforts to use the same credit cards on multiple orders for different addresses, general returns, and coins returned because of damage.

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