New doubled die reverse attributed for 1913-D Indian Head 5-cent coin

First such example from the Denver Mint identified for the Bison on Mound subtype
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Published : 04/01/16
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A new doubled die reverse has been attributed for the 1913-D Indian Head, Bison on Mound 5-cent coin, the first such doubled die variety identified for the subtype.

The attribution was made in early March by Dr. James Wiles, an attributer for the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America.

Wiles considers Lee’s coin to be a combination of Class IV and Class VIII doubling. 

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“The shift is to the West and the tilt is to the North, which limits the doubling to the top of the coin,” Wiles said. 

The doubling is most noticeable on the letters of E PLURIBUS UNUM.

The variety was discovered by collector Justin Lee. Lee planned to submit the coin to Numismatic Guaranty Corp. for grading and encapsulation as well as to variety expert and author John Wexler, for inclusion in his Wexler Doubled Die Files. Wexler is author of the monthly Coin World column, “Varieties Notebook,” that appears in the third issue of the publication every month.

The variety is listed by Wiles as 1913-D Type 1 DDR-001, 1-R-IV+VIII.

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Class IV is also called “Offset Hub Doubling,” with Class VIII being called “Tilted Hub Doubling.”

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