Author self-publishes new reference on Seated Liberty quarter dollars

Kevin Flynn adds to list of numismatic specialty literature
By , Kevin Flynn
Published : 04/25/16
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The history chapter in the front was updated with new information learned while researching the Liberty Seated quarters and this section was also extended through the beginning of the Barber series. As these series were produced in parallel, it was decided to include all of the information for all of the Liberty Seated series for this time period to show what decisions and actions occurred concurrently.

In addition, it is important that each book on each series is complete and all inclusive, and not require a different book for reference. These archive records are critical to any serious collectors of the Liberty Seated series as it presents the history and background in the creation of these designs from those individuals responsible for creating them. These archive records, detailed study of the die varieties, and complete analysis of the hot topics presented in these Authoritative Reference on the Liberty Seated series help collectors evolve to the next level of research and enjoyment of these series, such as already seen by collectors in older U.S. coins such as the Bust series; see for example the discussions in the Bust Half Nut Club or the John Reich Collectors Society. This book also presents information important to subjects such as the number of proof coins struck for a given year, or that the New Orleans Mint carried forward reverses for some years. Some of the previously listed proof counts by Breen and others were incorrect.  The correct counts were used for example to update totals listed in books such as the Red Book.

The Hot Topics section contains a several detailed studies on the Liberty Seated quarter series including an analysis of: the refuted 1845 Large/Small date; 1854-O Huge O; 1856-S Large/Medium S; 1840-O Transitional Reverse; 1842 Small and Large Dates; 1849-O quarter; 1855-S proof quarter, questionable 1858 off-denomination clashed quarter’ 1865 Motto quarters; 1866 No Motto quarters; 1870-CC through 1873-CC quarters, 1870-S quarter; early Liberty Seated proofs; early U.S. proof coin distribution, analysis of Liberty Seated certified proofs; and Liberty Seated proof counts.  Did you know that there are only two 1855-S proof half dollars, both of which were delivered to the Director of the Mint?

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