Newman Numismatic Portal now open to public to conduct research

Ever-expanding database to encompass broad range of collecting specialties
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Published : 03/10/16
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Among the titles currently available to researchers are:

  • A Manual of Gold and Silver Coins of all Nations by Jacob Reese Eckfeldt
  • Illustrated History of the United States Mint by George Greenlief Evans
  • Dates of United States Coins and their Degree of Rarity by Joseph Jacob Mickley
  • Guide to the numismatic collection of the Mint of the United States at Philadelphia, Pa by Thomas Louis Comparette
  • Rare American coins: their description, and past and present fictitious values by E. Locke Mason

In addition to the libraries of Eric P. Newman and the American Numismatic Society, a number of contributors including private collectors Dan Hamelberg, Bill Burd, and Joel Orosz have loaned material to the Newman Portal for scanning. The Newman Portal has further partnered with over a dozen specialty and regional organizations to provide access to back issues of club journals. A full list of available publications may be found in the periodical section of the Newman Portal.

The Portal further includes reference content structured for optimal usage within the context of online access. Resources such as Pete Smith's American Numismatic Biographies and Albert Frey’s dictionary from the American Journal of Numismatics have been broken down into separate entries and appear individually in search results.

The U.S. coin encyclopedia comprises more than 2 million auction prices realized. A Lucene-based search engine allows users to search across all content, from the scans hosted by Internet Archive to the reference material within the site itself.

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