Sales open April 7 for Unc. 2016-W American Eagle gold $50 coin

Numismatic product pricing according to U.S. Mint's pricing grid for precious metals coins
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Published : 03/31/16
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Sales open at noon Eastern Time April 7 by the United States Mint for the Uncirculated 2016-W American Eagle 1-ounce gold $50 coin.

The coin has no product limit or household ordering restrictions.

Pricing for the coin is governed by the U.S. Mint's pricing grid for numismatic products containing precious metals.

Pricing for precious metal numismatic products (e.g., platinum, .999 fine gold, .9167-fine gold) varies by the average cost of the primary metal. The Mint uses a pricing range table the week prior to sale to determine a product's price. If the average weekly price of the precious metal moves up or down into another cost range, the price of the product will also go up or down, respectively, by a fixed amount.

Details on how the Mint sets its pricing can be found here.

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