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$6,462.50 for 2011-D Jefferson 5-cent: Market Analysis

A 2011-D Jefferson 5-cent piece graded PCGS MS-68 full steps sold for an incredible $6,462.50 at Heritage’s 2016 FUN auction.

Original images courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Below is the second of three columns from Steve Roach highlighting 5-cent coins from this month's FUN Auction:

Among the many collections offered at Heritage’s Florida United Numismatists auctions held in Tampa Jan. 6 to 11 was the Steve Strom Collection of Jefferson Head 5-cent pieces. In the catalog introduction, Steve reflected on his collecting: “Starting out as a kid and for nearly 50 years Full Step Jeffersons have been a big challenge. Hunting to find the next Full Step. Looking through thousands of nickels to find a better one and then to find an even better one — wow!” Here are three finest-known 5-cent coins from his collection that found new homes.  

The Coin:
2011-D Jefferson 5-cent piece, PCGS Mint State 68 full steps

The Price:

The Story:
One of the most astounding prices for a modern coin can be seen in Strom’s 2011-D Jefferson 5-cent piece graded PCGS MS-68 full steps that sold for a humongous $6,462.50. Heritage called the recent production an essential purchase for the Registry Set enthusiast, as it is the sole finest graded by PCGS by a full grade point, adding, “The strike is tack-sharp, and the brilliant surfaces are virtually perfect and radiantly lustrous.”

Collectors continue to pay big money for finest known coins for inclusion in grading service Registry Sets, where collectors can list their collection and compete against one another for the top collection. As Strom said, “I hope that all the collectors who acquire my nickels will have as much fun with them in the future as I have had in the past.” 

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