Unlikely stories of finds of '1804 Draped Bust dollars': Coin Lore

Claims often made the news in late 19th century
Published : 12/30/16
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➤ Jan. 1, 1914, Meriden (Conn.) Weekly Republican: Laborer William Sullivan, excavating a site for an ice rink for the Yale hockey team “turned over with his shovel an old jar.” Also in the jar, reportedly, was an 1804 silver dollar “understood to be quoted at $3,500.”  

➤ April 5, 1924, Gridley (Calif.) Herald Twice-A-Week: Merchant Martin Hettinger of Lancaster, Ohio, says he received an 1804 silver dollar from Col. William Stevenson, who asked that he not dispose of it. The coin is reportedly valued at $8,000 to $12,000.

So keep your eyes open when you check your change, take in a tramp or get a gift from a relative — you, too, just might find an 1804 silver dollar.

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