Freedom of Information Act responses shed light on Ike Coin and Chronicles sets

Post-sellout sales by United States Mint result of order reconciliation
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Published : 10/05/15
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Several U.S. Mint customers who were able to place orders for the 2015 Dwight D. Eisenhower Coin and Chronicles sets before the noon Eastern Time launch Aug. 11 will not have their orders processed, according to Tom Jurkowsky, director of the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications.

Information received from the U.S. Mint by a collector pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request noted that one order for two sets was placed on Aug. 9 and five separate orders were placed for two sets each on Aug. 10 before the official opening of sales.

However, “No orders for the Eisenhower Coin and Chronicles Set were processed before 12 noon, Eastern Time, on Aug. 11, 2015,” Jurkowsky said. “Any orders that were placed before that time were not processed. The Mint’s Order Management System performed as expected in not processing any orders placed before that date and time.”

Sales after sellout

The FOIA documents also revealed that several more sets were recorded sold after Mint officials announced a sellout Aug. 11 of the maximum product limit in under nine minutes.

Jurkowsky said: “After the product became unavailable on the website, any orders that were placed subsequent to Aug. 11 resulted from reconciliations. As examples, this would include orders that may have been cancelled; orders placed with credit cards that were not accepted; or orders that may have been returned.” 

These sets were made available to individuals next in line in the ordering queue whose original orders were not processed because of the sellout, according to Jurkowsky.

The Eisenhower Coin and Chronicles set was restricted to a maximum issue of 17,000 sets, with household ordering limits at two sets. The set contains a Reverse Proof 2015-P Eisenhower Presidential dollar and an Eisenhower Presidential 1-ounce silver medal, both exclusive to the set, along with a U.S. postage stamp bearing the president’s likeness.

The 191 pages of documents provided to the collector under his FOIA request and forwarded to Coin World identify the date and exact time each order was placed along with the number of sets per order. Removed from the documents for privacy reasons were the names of the Mint customers and their order numbers.

The documents identify the first order placed for two sets was recorded at 12:01:46 on Aug. 11, with the last order for two sets before the sellout placed at 12:09:42.

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