Tom Reynolds puts early large cents on auction block

Collection of Early Date large cents reflection of 50 years of intense collecting
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Published : 08/01/15
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Fifty years after purchasing his first coin to begin building a collection of early United States large cents, Nebraska numismatist Tom Reynolds believes now is the time to shepherd the coins to new homes.

“I’d like to be involved as they move on to the next generation of collectors,” Reynolds said.

The more than 450 Early Date cents in his collection, including duplicates, represent mintages from 1793 through 1814 and are to be offered in two separate sales in 2016 — Jan. 31 and Sept. 4.

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The sales are to be conducted by Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers in association with Kenneth Goldman Inc. Reynolds said he’s involved with selecting the coins to be offered in each of the two sales.

Bob Grellman from McCawley & Grellman, The Copper Specialists, will be cataloging the two auctions, according to Larry Goldberg.

The estimated value of Reynolds’ collection, which includes many finest known coins and pieces pedigreed to the stellar large cent collection of Roy E. “Ted” Naftzger Jr., is in the neighborhood of $10 million, according to Goldberg.

The coins in the collection have been submitted to Professional Coin Grading Service for grading and encapsulation.

Getting focused

When he purchased his first large cent back in 1965, Reynolds, now 74, had a vision of assembling a collection of large cents 1793 to 1857.

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