Have a look at the Enhanced Uncirculated 2015-W Native American dollar: Something Social

L&C Coins shared a picture of the coin's reverse on Facebook before sending it off to PCGS
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Published : 08/27/15
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L&C Coins has gotten into the habit lately of posting pictures of big, new releases from the U.S. Mint on its Facebook page before sending the coins off for grading. 

This week it was the reverse side of the Enhanced Uncirculated 2015-W Native American dollar, which the U.S. Mint began offering Aug. 24 in the 2015 American $1 Coin and Currency Set. 

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Coin & currency set with the enhanced unc Sacagawea, it took me a good 45 minutes both trying the phone line and on line after I got kicked off the web page several times. The one good thing about finally getting thru? I got the three sets ordered in four days! Never before have I received an order that quick from the fulfillment center. Maybe the mint made a last minute attempt to make up for the lack of their system ordering working like it should and pushed out the orders pronto?