Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee recommends reverse design for Nancy Reagan $10 gold coin

Panel picks one of five designs reviewed in split vote
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Published : 08/14/15
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Meeting by teleconference Aug. 10, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, in a split vote, recommended the proposed reverse design favored by former first lady Nancy Reagan for the 2016 First Spouse gold $10 coin that will honor her.

The winning design, depicting Reagan and two young children, was one of four with a similar theme highlighting her “Just Say No” anti-drug program.

Three CCAC members who voted against the design recommendation were in opposition to Reagan’s visage appearing on both sides of the coin.

The coin will be the first U.S. coin to depict a living former first lady.

Of the five designs reviewed Aug. 10, the recommended reverse design was one of four new designs the U.S. Mint’s engraving staff submitted for consideration, after the CCAC rejected all previously proposed reverses at its June 17 meeting.

Similarly, the Commission of Fine Arts June 18 withheld judgment on any proposed reverse designs until the Mint submitted a group of new designs, as the CCAC recommended. 

A fifth design reviewed Aug. 10 was a modified version of one considered in June.

In their respective June meetings, the CCAC and CFA both recommended an obverse portrait favored by Mrs. Reagan.

No additional actions were required on that side of the coin.

The recommended reverse

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