CCAC members recommend reverse for 2016 Nancy Reagan First Spouse gold

Five proposed reverses from U.S. Mint replace previously reviewed submissions
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Published : 08/11/15
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The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee has selected Nancy Reagan's personal choice for the reverse of the First Spouse gold coin to be issued in 2016 in her honor.

The CCAC met by teleconference Aug. 10 to consider proposed reverses for the 2016 Nancy Reagan First Spouse gold $10 coin.

The meeting was the second time the panel considered designs for the Reagan First Spouse gold coin. The CCAC peviously reviewed design submissions and recommended modifications to several designs panel members favored. The Commission of Fine Arts rejected outright all of the previously proposed reverse designs, sending the issue back to the U.S. Mint for some new designs.

The five designs the Mint submitted in this second round appear to be modified versions of some of the previously submitted designs. 

Four of the five designs feature Mrs. Reagan during her "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign. The design selected was among those four designs.

The fifth design features two hands, one representing Mrs. Reagan’s hand giving a thumbs-up sign, and one representing a child’s hand giving a thumbs-down sign.  This design represents Mrs. Reagan efforts to empower children with the ability to say no to drugs.

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