ANACS confirms, grades first example of 1926 Doubled Die Obverse dime

Michigan collector buys coin unattributed from online coin auction
By , Coin World
Published : 08/08/15
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ANACS reports it has identified the first doubled die obverse variety for a 1926 Winged Liberty Head dime.

The new variety was identified during the grading process, by ANACS senior numismatist Michael Fahey. The coin was submitted to ANACS by Michigan collector David Sutton, who was unaware the coin was a doubled die variety.

The coin exhibits characteristics of both offset hub doubling and pivoted hub doubling, according to the experts who attributed it.

ANACS sent the coin for variety attribution to Dr. James Wiles, an attributer for the Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America, commonly known by its acronym CONECA.

Wiles’ assessment of the discovery coin indicates “strong offset spread northeast on LIBERTY, hair curls, and cap with clockwise rotation on ERTY of LIBERTY, designer’s initials and date.”

Wiles said the value of the new discovery is roughly two to three times the numismatic value of a normal 1926 dime without the obverse doubled die.

Coin World’s Coin Values lists a problem-free 1926 Winged Liberty Head dime at $15 in About Uncirculated 50, $25 in MS-60 and $60 in MS-63.

Sutton said he’s not sure what he will do with the discovery coin, which he obtained recently for $26 in an online coin auction.

“It’s kind of a nice find,” Sutton said.

ANACS graded the coin Mint State 60 Details, Cleaned.

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