Mint releases technical details for 2015-W American Liberty, High Relief gold coin

Each coin to be struck three times, on custom planchets
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Published : 07/08/15
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The 2015-W American Liberty gold coin will be struck three times, with the press operator inserting the planchet and removing the coin manually, U.S. Mint officials confirmed July 2. 

The Mint also confirmed that custom planchets will be used for the high relief 1-ounce .9999 fine gold coin.

United States Mint officials said the striking techniques are designed to ensure the quality of each coin. Officials also said custom planchets that measure 30.61 millimeters in diameter and have a nominal thickness of 3.128 millimeters are necessary since no similar planchets exist in the Mint’s inventory.

The U.S. Mint provided Coin World with detailed production specifics for the 2015-W American Liberty, High Relief 1-ounce .9999 fine gold coin after submission of multiple questions.

In responses to those questions, provided by Lateefah Simms, public affairs specialist within the Mint’s Office of Corporate Communications, Mint officials revealed that each coin is to be struck three times on a Gräbener GMP360 coinage press with the dies striking vertically. Each strike is scheduled to exert approximately 100 metric tons to bring up the desired relief.

The dies will be oriented with the obverse, depicting  Liberty in a flowing gown, as the upper or hammer die and the eagle reverse as the lower or anvil die.

The coin is being struck with a reeded edge.

The coin is to exhibit what the Mint now calls a “business strike” finish, similar to that achieved on the 2009-W Saint-Gaudens, Ultra High Relief gold $20 coins.

Custom planchets

Although the Mint already strikes a 1-ounce .9999 fine gold coin, the American Buffalo, other attributes require a custom planchet for the American Liberty, High Relief coin. 

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