Gary Marks: It’s all about the art says Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee panelist

Outgoing CCAC chairman pursues opportunities to expand creativity
By , Coin World
Published : 07/09/15
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Marks said he has appreciated the opportunity to serve alongside individuals on the CCAC who are as passionate about the nation’s coins and medal designs as he is.

“The Art Medals Program the CCAC has recommended and the Mint is beginning to implement with the 2015 American Liberty Coin and Medal holds great promise for moving American medallic arts forward,” Marks said. “If the numismatic community’s response to the 2015 program is strong in terms of sales, I think the Mint will offer other such coin and medal programs in the future.

“We have also recently seen the addition of several new artists to the Artistic Infusion Program. These new artists are only now beginning to get their artistic feet on the ground with various coin and medal design projects. I expect many spectacular and creative designs from this group in the future.

“Also working in favor of design excellence are several individuals who have assumed key staff positions at the Mint in recent years. These are people who I know from firsthand experience are motivated toward continuous improvements in the designs of the nation’s coins and medals.” Marks believes he is leaving behind a strong artistic legacy.

“I hope collectors and the public will remember my pursuit of design excellence for our nation’s coins and medals,” Marks said. “I brought my firm belief in America’s founding principles to every CCAC meeting and those principles inspired me to serve to the best of my ability. My highest desire has been that the designs on America’s coins and medals would be beautiful, inspirational and worthy of our great nation.”

The next time the Mint issues a call for artists for the Artistic Infusion Program, Marks said he might consider submitting an application.

“After years of reviewing and recommending the designs of other artists, it would be a great honor to contribute my own work for the Mint’s consideration,” Marks said. 

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