You bought it: 1940 Proof 'Mercury' dime, pre-Castro Cuban coins, 1885-CC Morgan dollar

Coin World readers share their recent numismatic acquisitions on Facebook
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Published : 06/08/15
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As part of our continued conversation with our readers, we like to ask Coin World Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share about the numismatic acquisitions they've made recently.

Below are some recent purchases our fans told us about on Facebook:

Robert Scheschuk: "1969-D Kennedy half dollar roll. Original Bank Wrapped supposedly."

Cody Iannelli: "(2003 & 2007) 1/10 oz gold eagles and (2007)1/4 oz. gold eagle all 3 Proof 69 dcam PCGS."

David Hollister: "None, saving for the Jackie O coin!!"

Zach Schueler: "I picked up a Martha Washington experimental half dollar for my pattern set."

Ken Lemke: "A 1922 full D Lincoln cent to fill yet one more hole in my album."

Ken Lemke: "Also...Found a 1907 Indian Head in a penny roll I got from the bank a few weeks ago. That was fun."

Stephen Mogil: "Ken go back to bank and get 100 rolls to search, if there is 1 there might be more!!! If not, you probably will find many wheat backs!!!"

Jack Kennedy: "Barber quarter"

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