Coining and recycling of clippings workflow phase of early U.S. Mint 'straightforward'

Researching the steps found to be more complex than the early process likely was
Published : 06/22/15
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The following article is republished from the June 21 edition of the JR Newsletter, a weekly electronic publication of the John Reich Collectors Society:

The Workflow Of The First United States Mint – Part 3

In Part 1, I identified the 5 major workflow phases for converting bullion into money:

1. Bullion Deposit

2. Melting & Refining

3. Coining & Recycling of Clippings

4. Coin Delivery

5. Coin Return

Coining & Recycling of Clippings

Determining the steps of the Coining & Recycling of Clippings workflow phase was relatively complicated. It was based on sections from contemporary publications and Mint documents, 18th century Mint payroll ledgers, articles published in the John Reich Journal, John Reich Newsletter and Coinage of the Americas Conference, and the numismatic community’s knowledge that was attained from the examination of 18th century United States coins. Once the steps were put in order, the workflow phase seemed relatively simple and straightforward.

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