Dinosaur design possible on National Park Service half dollar commemorative

CCAC reviews designs for three-coin 2016 commemorative coin program
Published : 06/19/15
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Whether the National Park Service agrees with the committee’s recommendations could be critical in what designs Treasury Secretary Lew or his designee finally selects.

Representatives for the National Park Service came to the CCAC meeting with a long list of detailed recommendations for the coins.

For example, on a design that shows a bison grazing near the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park, it wanted to remove the animal. On a design showing people bicycling near the Golden Gate Bridge, it wanted to replace the bridge with the St. Louis Arch.

The committee did not address any of those concerns, but for the most part stuck to designs as proposed by the Mint’s artists.

Some of the design questions brought close votes.  

The half dollar obverse recommendation was a narrow one. The winning boy with binoculars won out over a design showing a youngster examining a frog and a mountain scene.

The panel allows its members to award up to three points for any design. It totals the score and uses that as an index to the popularity of the different coins. 

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