Dinosaur design possible on National Park Service half dollar commemorative

CCAC reviews designs for three-coin 2016 commemorative coin program
Published : 06/19/15
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Twelve of the 17 proposed obverses featured the two men, a percentage that surprised some committee members.

While some members liked the multiple drawings, the CCAC’s Michael Bugeja, an Iowa State journalism professor, said there was much “wonderful art work,” but not all of it was “numismatic artwork.”

For the reverse of the gold coin, the panel backed a design that features the park service’s arrowhead logo with the mountain on the emblem blending into a mountain in the coin’s background.

While some committee members predicted the costly gold coin would become the “label” for the set, the silver dollar was described by Erik N. Jansen as potentially “the signature coin of the set.”

For that coin, the committee pulled a proposed silver reverse featuring a twirling Hispanic dancer and recommended it for the silver obverse. 

A banner saying “Heritage, Culture, Pride” would be replaced with something related to the National Park Service centennial.

The recommended reverse would show parts of three musical instruments and carry the message that the parks do much to preserve culture as they to do to preserve nature.

“We’ve got parks, parks, parks and parks,” said Donald Scarinci, a medals specialist. “Let’s not compete with what we have.”

Scarinci argued that the ongoing America the Beautiful Quarter Dollar series is giving great display to the natural side of the park system.

Scarinci wanted the sets to also show another side of the park system.

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