National Park Service commemorative coin designs, Part 1: gold $5 coin

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee reviewed the designs during a June 16 meeting
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Published : 06/16/15
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The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee reviewed designs for the National Park Service 100th anniversary commemorative coin lineup as part of its June 16 agenda

The 2016 NPS program is set to offer a gold $5 coin, a silver dollar, and a copper-nickel clad half dollar, with surcharges on each coin sold benefiting the National Park Foundation.

For the gold coin, the CCAC recommended an obverse featuring jugate portraits facing right of President Theodore Roosevelt, founder of the National Park Service, and naturalist John Muir. The reverse picked by the CCAC depicts a rendition of the NPS's arrowhead logo.

A maximum of 1,350,000 total Proof and Uncirculated coins will be issued — 750,000 half dollars; 500,000 dollars; and 100,000 gold $5 coins.

The NPS was established by Congress in 1916.

"The National Park Service was given the responsibility to not only conserve and protect parks, but also to leave them 'unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations,' " according to the NPS website.

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