$35,600 in 2015-P Blue Ridge Parkway quarter dollars exchanged in North Carolina

Asheville Savings Banks sponsors events at six locations over three days
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Published : 06/30/15
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In total, 2015-P Blue Ridge Parkway quarter dollars amounting to $35,600 in face value were exchanged for cash by Asheville Savings Bank in North Carolina during six coin exchange events conducted over three separate days.

That’s 142,400 Uncirculated circulation-quality coins struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

The largest exchange occurred following the 10 a.m official launch ceremony June 25 staged by the U.S. Mint at Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville, where attendees could exchange cash for $10 face value, 40-coin rolls.

In total, $24,000 in face value, or 96,000 coins, were exchanged at that event. Approximately 750 people, including 150 school-age children attended the launch event.

Collectors and others participating in the coin exchange were restricted to a minimum exchange of cash for one roll, up to a maximum of 10 rolls.

To accommodate those who wanted rolls of the coins but were unable to attend the June 25 event, Asheville Savings Bank conducted coin exchanges at five bank branches June 26 and 29.

The exchanges were conducted from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on each of those two days. The same restrictions of one roll minimum and 10 rolls maximum were in effect at all five branches.

The cash-coin exchanges at the bank branches June 26 were as follows:

➤ Enka, $3,000 (12,000 coins)

➤ Reynolds, $2,500 (10,000 coins)

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