United States Mint to post updated explanations for product statuses

From April 6 press release from the United States Mint
Published : 04/06/15
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The following is a press release issued by the U.S. Mint on April 6:

Below is the new language for product stock statuses that will be posted to the Mint’s website on April 16. These are in addition to the product being in stock and available with an “Add to Bag” button.

  • This Item on Backorder – “Learn” text as follows: This item is available to be ordered now, but it is not currently in stock. Additional inventory is being made. Please add the item to your cart to see when additional inventory is expected to be available.
  • Currently Unavailable (with a “REMIND ME” button) – “Learn” text as follows: We are currently out of this item, but more may be available later. Provide your email using the “REMIND ME” button and we will let you know when we are taking orders again.
  • Sold Out (no “REMIND ME” button) – “Learn” text as follows: This item is no longer in stock and is no longer available for sale.

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