U.S. Mint selling as many four-coin Proof sets of American Eagle gold coins as single 1-ounce coins

Tenth-ounce gold $5 coin has higher demand
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Published : 04/07/15
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The United States Mint has sold as many four-coin 2015-W Proof sets of the American Eagle gold coins as it has single Proof 2015-W American Eagle 1-ounce gold $50 coins.

Since the coins went on sale at noon Eastern Time March 12, the Mint has recorded sales through March 29 of 4,338 four-coin Proof sets and 4,337 single Proof 1-ounce gold coins. The four-coin set, as of April 7, was offered for $2,797.50, while the single Proof 1-ounce gold coin was offered for $1,510.

All of the Proof American Eagle gold coins are being struck to order without product limits.

Through March 29, the Mint also recorded the following sales:

➤ Single Proof half-ounce gold $25 coin, 1,246 ($770)

➤ Single Proof quarter-ounce gold $10 coin, 1,644 ($397.50)

➤ Single Proof tenth-ounce gold $5 coin, 4,522 ($170)

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