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U.S. Mint launches Kisatchie National Forest quarter

2. Deep sea treasure

$50 million worth of silver coins were pulled up from 17,000 feet under the surface of the ocean, a record depth according to Deep Ocean Search, the firm that carried out the recovery that received online publicity from Daily Mail, Reuters and CNN, among many others.

And they've been melted.

3. Bullion variants

Numismatic Guaranty Corp. has verified the first two reported examples of 2014 American Eagle tenth-ounce gold $5 bullion coins with Narrow Reeds edges, an edge variant first identified in January on 2015-dated coins.

4. No longer Napoleonic

Napoleon Bonaparte was notable for his slight stature, but a new coin from the Pobjoy Mint aims to give the French leader a boost in size.

5. Precious metals pricing listed the following prices per ounce as of 4:44 p.m. Wednesday:

6. Today's most-viewed post so far

Langbord case: What are those 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagles worth?

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