Nebraskan tattoos Homestead National Monument quarter feature on his forearm

Tattoo was inked before the quarter design was chosen and approved
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Published : 03/16/15
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Not often are coin designs featured in a person’s collage of tattoos.

In the case of 59-year-old Nebraska native John Seger however, it is a driving force, according to a December story in the Beatrice Daily Sun.

The retired National Park Service firefighter and maintenance worker at the Homestead National Monument in Beatrice, Neb., honored his former employer by tattooing the design for the new commemorative quarter released Feb. 10.

The tattoo, as well as the actual quarter, features a cabin, a water pump, and two ears of corn.

The tattoo is a very accurate rendering of the design that was later selected by the Secretary of the Treasury for use on the quarter representing the park.

Seger, who retired in 2010, made the piece of art his fourth park-themed tattoo. His left arm honors both Mount Rushmore and Dinosaur National Monument in Maybell, Utah. 

“I liked working at Homestead because this is my home state,” Seger said.

“A lot of people like the tattoo and think it’s pretty nice. I enjoyed my whole career and wanted to do it for that.”

Read the full Beatrice Daily Sun story and see pictures of Seger's tattoo here.

The quarter, the first of five to be released this year in the America the Beautiful quarters program, was launched at an event at Beatrice High School.

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