Oded Paz announces campaign for seat on American Numismatic Association Board

Candidate cites longtime numismatic experience
Published : 02/19/15
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The following is a press release provided by Oded Paz:

Oded Paz has officially announced that he is running for a Governor’s seat on the ANA’s Board.

In his official announcement, Oded said: “My main goal is bringing the ANA closer to the individual collector, local coin clubs and the smaller coin dealers around the nation." He continued to explain: “We all greatly respect the large auction houses and nationally acclaimed coin dealers, who are at the ANA’s foundation. Nevertheless, we need to re-focus on those that cannot afford to attend major ANA Conventions, yet are still avid numismatic collectors and local dealers."

Oded believes that educating the youth should be at the top of the ANA’s priorities. "We have seen many other hobbies dwindle down due to lack of new collectors. We must not let this happen to numismatics," he said.

Oded’s background includes owning and running multi-million dollar businesses, with emphasis on operations, marketing and sales. Being an active board member is not anything new to him, and he feels very comfortable in taking part in deciding the ANA’s future.

One of Oded’s previous main achievements, was the ANA’s Club & District Representatives Program, which Oded was the National Coordinator between August 2011 and August 2013. Oded’s vision was and always has been that the Numismatic Clubs are a vital part and the backbone of the ANA.

Oded accepted the challenge to become an ANA District Representative in 2004, and a few years later, he was appointed as the Assistant National Coordinator for the program. Oded was unsatisfied by the way things were done, and the course that the program was taking (or none at all, as far as he could see).

After numerous attempts to get the program back on the road, he called for a meeting, in August 2011, with ANA President Elect, Tom Hallenbeck, V.P. Elect, Walter Ostromecki and ANA Executive Director, Larry Shepherd, in which he laid out his plan for the program. At the end of his presentation, and after answering questions from those present, Mr. Hallenbeck appointed Oded to the position of “Club and District Representatives Coordinator.”

While he was the National Coordinator, he worked hard on writing and distributing the pertinent & correct information from the ANA to the District reps and the Club reps, by editing and sending out a monthly newsletter he called “What’s going on at the ANA”. 

Oded was on a very positive path to make this program an extremely successful one, for the benefit of the ANA, the member clubs and all ANA members, wherever they are. Unfortunately, when the new ANA President was appointed in August of 2013, he appointed Sandy Hill to fill in this position. 

Oded joined the ANA 13+ years ago. During his membership, he has done much more for the hobby than many others before him.

Since joining his first Southern California coin club, in 2001, he has become a member of numerous coin clubs and a vital force in the advancement of many of these clubs, including the formation of some clubs and additional major positions in the various coin clubs he belongs to.

Oded has never turned away from a challenge. Even when it was a tough one to take on, or, sometimes, seemed to be impossible.

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