New doubled die obverse confirmed on 1919 dime exciting collectors

Earliest known doubled die variety in 'Mercury' dime series
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Published : 02/24/15
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A newly confirmed doubled die obverse for a 1919 Winged Liberty Head dime has the specialty collecting community excited.

The coin shows strong doubling on portions of the letters of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST, with no apparent doubling visible elsewhere on the two examples verified as of Feb. 24. The doubling on the coin is strikingly similar to that on the famed 1916 Indian Head, Doubled Die Obverse 5-cent coin, a variety that brings six-figure prices in high grade. 

At least one other suspected piece has been examined, but that coin exhibited machine doubling, which is unrelated to a doubled die.

So far, both examples that have been verified by experts are in circulated condition. The first example discovered grades Fine according to at least one expert, with the second example grading Extremely Fine.

Collectors with 1919 "Mercury" dimes should check their coins and any with doubling on the obverse should be compared to the image accompanying this article. Contact the writer via email if your coin is identical to the coin depicted.

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New doubled die obverse confirmed on 1919 dime exciting collectors

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