Capitol Rotunda reserved March 24 for presenting Jack Nicklaus his gold medal

Ceremony to award golfer congressional honor
By , Coin World
Published : 02/04/15
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The House passed a  concurrent resolution Feb. 2 to reserve the U.S. Capitol Rotunda for a ceremony to present a congressional gold medal to golfer and philanthropist Jack Nicklaus. The measure was received in the Senate Feb. 3 for its vote.

The U.S. Mint's engraving and production staff at the Philadelphia Mint is currently in the process of manufacturing the necessary tooling to strike the Nicklaus 3-inch gold medal and subsequent bronze duplicate medals. The bronze duplicate medals, in 1.5-inch and 3-inch versions, will be offered for sale to anyone interested.

On Jan. 22 the Commission of Fine Arts and on Jan. 27 the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee concurred in recommending the obverse and reverse medal designs Nicklaus favored.

The legislation authorizing the medal, Public Law 113-210, notes that the medal is being issued to Nicklaus "in recognition of his service to the nation in promoting excellence, good sportsmanship, and philanthropy."

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