Kennedy half dollar sales begin Feb. 12 for 200-coin mixed bags and two-roll sets from U.S. Mint

Circulation quality coins from Denver, Philadelphia Mints
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Published : 02/05/15
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Sales by the United States Mint begin at noon Eastern Time Feb. 12 for 200-coin mixed bags and two-roll sets of 2015 Kennedy half dollars.

Each $100 face value bag, offered at $139.95, contains 100 circulation-quality 2015-P Kennedy half dollars struck at the Philadelphia Mint and 100 2015-D Kennedy half dollars struck at the Denver Mint.

The two-roll-set, at $32.95, contains two $10 face value rolls of 20 coins, one roll each from the Denver and Philadelphia Mints.

Since 2002, the U.S. Mint has struck Kennedy half dollars in circulation-quality for only numismatic product sales, offered at premiums above face value. No Kennedy half dollars are struck for general circulation in commerce.

The circulation-quality coins are struck on high-speed presses capable of striking more than 750 coins per minute using a single pair of dies oriented horizontally.

The coins are copper-nickel clad, composed of outer layers of 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel bonded to a core of pure copper.

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