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2015 Uncirculated silver American Eagle on sale March 26

The blanks for the Uncirculated 2015-W American Eagle silver dollars are burnished before striking.

Images courtesy of United States Mint.

The  Uncirculated 2015-W American Eagle 1-ounce .999 fine silver dollar will go on sale at noon Eastern Daylight Time March 26 by the United States Mint.

The initial price of the coin is $39.95 and is subject to change based on the changing spot price of silver. The Mint will impose no product or household ordering limits.

The coins are struck at the West Point Mint on specially burnished blanks. The raw blanks the U.S. Mint receives from outside vendors before any special treatment are the same that are used for the bullion coins struck without Mint mark and the Proof silver American Eagle with W Mint mark.

The bullion versions are struck on the raw blanks as received while those for the Proof coins are highly polished as are the fields on the dies used to strike them.

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