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2015 First Spouse bronze medal set has unlimited mintage

Sales of the 2015 First Spouse bronze medal sets are now unlimited, the United States Mint has confirmed, after initially carrying a 20,000 set mintage limit.

Images courtesy of the United States Mint.

The mintage limit for the 2015 First Spouse bronze medal set is unlimited.

The U.S. Mint confirmed to Coin World that, nine days after sales began Sept. 21, Mint officials lifted the mintage limit. The limit was originally announced as 20,000 sets, and sales have been brisk, reaching 18,816 sets through the end-of-day on Oct. 28.

According to Michael White, in the U.S. Mint’s office of corporate communications, the original product page content went live at 12 A.M. ET on Sept. 10.  The updated content showing “none” for the mintage and product limit fields went live at 12 A.M. ET on Sept. 30.

Coin World’s Monday Morning Brief video on Oct. 12 discussing the brisk sales approaching the limit prompted an update from U.S. Mint officials.

The 1.3125-inch diameter medals feature the obverse and reverse designs, sans coinage inscriptions, that appear on the Proof and Uncirculated 2015-W First Spouse gold $10 coins.

The bronze medal sets are offered for $16.95 each.

The limited-edition 2015 four-medal set is the least expensive option for collectors to acquire all four designs: Bess Truman, Mamie Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy and Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson.

The medals are also available paired with the respective spouse’s Uncirculated Mint set quality 2015-P Presidential dollar in the 2015 Presidential One Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal sets, which are offered at $9.95 each.

The First Spouse designs are described by the Mint as follows:

??Bess Truman: Reverse features a locomotive wheel moving along railroad tracks, representing Mrs. Truman’s support for her husband on his 1948 whistle stop campaign trip for re-election as president.

??Mamie Eisenhower: Reverse features a woman’s hand holding up a political campaign button with the slogan “I Like Mamie,” referring to Mrs. Eisenhower’s popularity as first lady, her involvement in her husband’s presidential campaigns and the popular campaign slogan “I Like Ike.”

??Jacqueline Kennedy: Reverse features the species of saucer magnolia Mrs. Kennedy chose to be planted in a White House garden and near the eternal flame at her husband’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery. The petals stretch across the globe, their tips connecting to locations of some of her most notable diplomatic visits. The design also represents the beauty she brought into the world through her support of the arts.

??Lady Bird Johnson: Reverse depicts the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument and flowers in reference to Mrs. Johnson’s efforts in the beautification and conservation of America, which began in Washington, D.C.

Though an ancillary program to the Presidential dollar coins, the First Spouse bronze medals have sometimes proved to be aftermarket winners — the 2013 set currently retails for around $200, for instance. 

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