Collectibles Quality Assurance Company LLC to begin grade verification for modern U.S. coins Jan. 7 at FUN

Service only available for PCGS-, NGC-certified coins
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Published : 12/01/14
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Collectibles Quality Assurance Company LLC, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, will be inaugurating the first-ever grade verification service for modern U.S. coins.

Coin submissions will be accepted beginning Jan. 7 in conjunction with the Florida United Numismatists Convention in Orlando.

James Sego, president and head grader of the new entity, said the firm will place its QA✓ sticker on certified Professional Coin Grading Service- and Numismatic Guaranty Corp.-encapsulated coins that meet the company's criteria. The new entity was established in Idaho after Sego moved his numismatic ooperations, JMS Coins, from Chicago.

The company will have a minimum of two highly experienced modern coin graders review each coin for its assigned grade. Only coins that meet the company’s strict grading criteria that are “solid quality” for the grade will be given the  QA✓ platinum sticker. Solid quality coins, according to the firm's website, are coins that have no obvious issues for the assigned grade. Factors that would preclude being stickered include carbon spots, unattractive toning, fingerprints, or below average strike for the grade.

Coins that are, in the opinion of Quality Assurance, accurately graded but not solid for the grade won't receive the platinum sticker, but will still be assessed the verification examination fee. The fee is based on the value of the coin submitted.

"Superlative quality" coins will be assigned a special rainbow sticker. The rainbow sticker is reserved for coins that are exceptional in one or more of the following ways: color, cameo contrast and/or strike or luster. Less than .5 percent of the coins Sego expects to be submitted are anticipated to fit this criteria, he said.

Coins may be submitted for the Quality Assurance service through authoirized dealers for which a directory is posted on the firm's website, or by joining the Quality Collectors Club.

Collectibles Quality Assurance Company LLC will verify grading for all modern U.S. coins. The list of accepted coins includes all Lincoln cents, 1909 to date; all Jefferson 5-cent coins; all Roosevelt dimes; Washington quarter dollars (all Proofs and Mint State Coins from 1965 to date); all Kennedy half dollars; all Eisenhower dollars; all Anthony dollars; all Sacagewea dollars; all Presidential dollars; all modern commemoratives from 1982 to date; all American Eagles (silver, gold and platinum). Contact the firm for additional coin series.

Mint State and Proof coins for all series listed above will be accepted. Details on how to submit coins can be found on the website.

According to Sego, the market for modern coins is estimated to exceed $4 billion annually.

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