ANA accepting creative writing contest entries from Young Numismatists

Prizes will be given for each entry, with special prizes for the best
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Published : 11/02/14
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Get the creative juices flowing, kids. 

The American Numismatic Association is holding a creative writing contest for Young Numismatists, with prizes for each entry and special prizes for the best stories.

"Create a paper telling about a coin's ‘life,’ ‘adventures' and ‘experiences,’” the ANA’s Money Mail enewsletter reads. "This story should be historical fiction (you get to make up the coin's story, but keep it based on history and reality as much as possible). Use a favorite coin as the subject of the story."

There are three age groups with different length requirements:

  • Ages 4-7 – Minimum of one paragraph required
  • Ages 8-12 – Minimum of three paragraphs required
  • Ages 13-17 – Minimum of five paragraphs required

Entries are due Dec. 3. Winning entries will be shared through the ANA blog

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