Four-coin 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection scheduled for Oct. 28 release

Four coins, four Mints, $99.95 per set
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Published : 10/03/14
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The four 2014 .900 fine silver half dollars in the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection, to be released Oct. 28 by the U.S. Mint, will bring the number of different Kennedy half dollars of 2014 to 13.

The four-coin set is scheduled to be offered by the U.S. Mint beginning at noon Eastern Time at $99.95 per set.

The set is composed of four coins — one from each of the United States Mint’s production facilities — each struck in a different finish:

➤ One Reverse Proof 2014-W coin from the West Point Mint in New York. The coin will exhibit mirrored devices against frosted fields.

➤ One Proof 2014-P coin from the Philadelphia Mint. The coin will exhibit frosted devices against mirrored fields.

➤ One Enhanced Uncirculated 2014-S coin from San Francisco Mint. Specific elements will be subjected to varying intensities of laser-frosting and polishing techniques.

➤ One Uncirculated 2014-D coin from the Denver Mint. The coin will have a standard collector product Uncirculated finish.

The coins are secured in individual plastic capsules fitted in coin wells within an embossed leatherette-type folder that includes the same image of John F. Kennedy that appears on the coins in the set, with patriotic imagery of stars and stripes. 

The removable capsules allow visibility of both sides of the coins, and are housed in packaging that can be displayed as a trifold or stored and protected by an outer sleeve.

A booklet with information and images about the design of the 1964 Kennedy half dollar and a certificate of authenticity accompany each set. 

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