ANA exhibit awards: 12 categories honored, pair of young numismatists leave show as big winners

Awards for exhibits featuring everything from casino chips to elongated coins were handed out
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Published : 09/02/14
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A wide variety of exhibits greeted visitors to the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money Aug. 5 to 9 in Rosemont, Ill., and a wide variety of awards were given out to the exhibitors. 

While there were numerous exhibitors who took home multiple awards, they weren't the only winners. There were plenty of other folks who were recognized. 

Here they are:

Regional U.S. Numismatics, William C. Henderson/Fred Cihon Memorial:

  • First, William A. Burd, “Medals Issued in Gold by the Chicago Coin Club.”
  • Second, Dennis Schafluetzel, “City of Chattanooga Notes: Authorized and Fantasy.”

Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens, Archie A. Black Award: 

  • Brenda M. Black, second place, “Gaming Tokens of the World’s Great Casinos.” No first or third place was awarded in this category.

United States Fiscal Paper, Sidney W. Smith/William Donlon Memorial:

  • Paul R. Hybert, third place, “What’s in Your Wallet, Uncle Sam?”

Coins Issued Prior to 1500 A.D., Dr. Charles W. Crowe Memorial:

  • Second, Bruce D. Bartelt, “From Croesus to Caesar: Coinage from the First Millennium B.C.”
  • Third, Kathryn S. Freeland, “Traveling with Hadrian: A Numismatic Journey.”

Numismatics of the Americas, Henry Christensen/John Jay Pittman Sr. Memorial:

  • Second, W. Thomas Corey, “Silver Cobs of the Major Spanish American Mints.”
  • Third, Dan Freeland, “Selected Canadian Victory Loan Bonds.”

Emeritus, Barry Stuppler Award:

  • First, Brett Irick, “Canadian Coins of 1947-1948.”
  • Second, Ralph W. Ross, “John F. Kennedy.”
  • No third-place award was presented in this category.

Tokens, B.P. Wright Memorial:

  • Second, Robert Rhue, “Pedley Ryan Dollars of 1933 – Denver, Colorado.” No third-place award was presented.

Engraved Coins, Love Token Society:

  • Second, Judy Schwan, “An Introduction to Love Tokens.”
  • No third-place award was presented in this category.
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