Delays in shipping 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coins tied to packaging inventory

Delivery of gold coins to be completed this week
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Published : 07/15/14
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Delays in shipping Proof and Uncirculated 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame gold $5 half eagles, silver dollars and copper-nickel clad half dollars is tied to availability of the specific packaging to accommodate the concave/convex coins.

Tom Jurkowsky, director of the U.S. Mint's Office of Corporate Communications, said the Mint has been receiving weekly shipments of packaging from its vendor and shipping schedules have been adjusted based on receipt of that packaging.

According to Jurkowsky: 

➤ Gold – "Ninety-seven percent of all orders have physically shipped. The remaining 3 percent of all orders will be shipped this week."

The entire 50,000 coin authorization sold out within days of its March 27 release, with 32,026 of the Proofs and 17,974 of the Uncirculated recorded sold.

➤ Silver – "Six percent of all orders have physically shipped. However, since this is an on-going, daily process, if you include orders in process for the inventory we have received, this number increases to 75 percent. Said differently, this pertains to the inventory that has been reserved to a specific order and is in the process of being picked, packed and prepared for shipping but hasn’t physically shipped yet."

The 400,000 coins offered sold out in less than two weeks. The Mint reports sales of 262,051 of the Proof and 137,909 of the Uncirculated.

➤ Clad – "Fifty percent of all orders have physically shipped. If you include orders in process of being picked and packed today, this figure increases to 57 percent."

Of 750,000 coins authorized, through July 13 the Mint recorded sales of 196,378 of the Proof and 128,299 of the Uncirculated. For more information, visit the Mint's website.

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