Father's Day gift ideas: Saddle Ridge coins, Baseball Hall of Fame dollars among items dads want

We asked Facebook dads what they hoped to receive on June 15, and they answered.
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Published : 06/03/14
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Coin World asked its fatherly Facebook fans which coin they’d love to be given on Father’s Day June 15.

Here’s what they’ve told us:

  • Patrick Rueb: "I ll be happy with a silver eagle."
  • Corey Munsch: "A saddle ridge!"
  • Stuart- Tracy Roth: "Baseball HOF silver dollar!"
  • John A. Zieman Jr.: "1792 half disme…"
  • Mike Markowitz: "Gold solidus of Olybrius"
  • Ron Tringale: "2012 silver eagle set"
  • Adam Jankos: "Any Saddle Ridge Coin."
  • Jimmy Hendricks: "A 1917 type 1 standing liberty to finish out my liberty cap to current quarter type set"
  • Ken Lemke: "I'll be getting 2 cents and a load of advice from my grown kids. Way too late to send them back."
  • Brian Weiss: "Gold eagle"
  • Randy Weeda: "A lincoln 1909 s vdb"
  • Chris Feller: "1909 s vdb mint"
  • Allen Knight: "1 oz platinum eagle or gold Buffalo."
  • Art Amarillas: "Civil War Token"
  • Raymond Snyder: "Oz gold eagle"
  • Brian Pierce: "From my kids, anything they find in change interesting or something for their ATB quarter book. From the wife, I am thinking double eagle with roman numbers."
  • Joe Seely Sr: "1856 flying eagle cent. 2 would complete my twoSets of Indian cents ."

What coin do you want? Tell us in the comment section below.

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