First 2014 Calvin Coolidge, Presidential dollar missing its mandated incuse edge inscriptions surfaces in Texas

Circulation quality error found in Mint roll
By , Coin World
Published : 06/03/14
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A circulation-quality 2014 Calvin Coolidge Presidential dollar missing its edge devices was reported May 30.

It represents the first circulation-quality Presidential dollar with its edge lettering reported missing since 2012 Grover Cleveland, First Term coins from the Philadelphia Mint were discovered missing edge devices, according to error specialist Fred Weinberg.

Rodney Levingston from South Park Coins in Forney, Texas, said May 30 that the 2014 Calvin Coolidge dollar missing edge devices was found May 14 in a 25-coin roll of Denver Mint strikes specially wrapped on behalf of the U.S. Mint and sold to the public. 

Levingston said he discovered the error Calvin Coolidge dollar while filling an order requiring four of the 2014-D dollars. One of the four dollars removed from the roll was missing its edge devices, Levingston said. None of the remaining 21 coins in the roll were missing their edge inscriptions.

Levingston’s discovery has been graded and encapsulated Mint State 65 by Professional Coin Grading Service.

Weinberg said the last Presidential dollars to be confirmed as missing the edge devices were the 2012 Grover Cleveland, First Term strikes believed to be Philadelphia Mint products removed from 100-coin numismatic product bags. Weinberg believes just eight to 10 of the Cleveland, First Term, Missing Edge Lettering Presidential dollars are known.

When introduced in 2007, the Presidential dollars bore the date, Mint mark, and the inscriptions IN GOD WE TRUST and E PLURIBUS UNUM on the edge rather than on the obverse or reverse faces. 

For circulation-quality coins, the edge devices were all imparted incuse on the edge in a separate operation after planchets were struck with obverse and reverse dies. After tens of thousands of 2007-P George Washington dollars entered circulation missing the edge devices, the absent IN GOD WE TRUST earned the error pieces the dubious moniker “Godless dollars.” The distinction resulted in the national motto being moved to the coin’s obverse starting in 2009.

The production of so many Washington dollars with plain edges resulted in part from the system in place at the Mint facilities in 2007. The edge-inscription equipment was not integrated into the production system; struck coins had to be manually moved from the coining press area to the edge-inscription station. A large quantity of the dollars were moved directly from the presses to the bagging station, thus the edges of the coins remained plain.

Application of the edge devices was integrated into the production process beginning in 2009, although examples of individual Presidential dollars continue to be reported sans edge lettering, though in small quantities. 

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