2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame half dollars remain available from United States Mint

Sales through May 4 total about 31% of maximum
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Published : 05/09/14
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Collectors may still order Proof and Uncirculated versions of the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame copper-nickel clad half dollars from the United States Mint.

Just like the sold-out Baseball gold $5 half eagle and silver dollars, the obverse of the baseball glove obverse is concave, while the reverse depicting the style of ball used in Major League Baseball is convex.

Just over 31 percent of the maximum authorization of 750,000 Proof and Uncirculated National Baseball Hall of Fame copper-nickel clad half dollars were reported sold through May 4 by the United States Mint.

Sales began on March 27.

As of May 4, the U.S. Mint recorded sales of 234,401 coins – 145,171 Proof pieces and 89,230 Uncirculated coins. The Proof coins are offered at the regular issue price of $23.95 and the Uncirculated pieces at $22.95.

The Proof version is struck at the San Francisco Mint and the Uncirculated coin at the Denver Mint.

The gold $5 half eagle sold out of its maximum authorization of 50,000 coins within four days of the start of sales. The silver dollar’s maximum authorization of 400,000 coins was reported sold out within the first two weeks of sales.

Although sales have not gone through final auditing (and won’t until after the close of the program Dec. 31), the approximate sales for the gold and silver coins break down as follows:

➤ Gold $5 half eagle — 32,026 Proof, 17,974 Uncirculated.

➤ Silver dollar — 262,091 Proof, 137,909 Uncirculated.

Collectors may still order the half dollars at the Mint's website, or by calling 800-872-6468.

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