Gold 2014 Baseball coins sell out within days

Sales of silver dollar approach maximum mintage
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Published : 04/04/14
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With barely a week of sales elapsed for the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coins, the Proof and Uncirculated $5 gold half eagles have sold out, with the silver dollars not far behind.

Sales by the United States Mint of the Proof and Uncirculated Baseball silver dollars reached slightly less than their legislated maximum authorization.

Sales began at noon Eastern Time March 27.

“Sales of the gold coins were strong enough to predict that the maximum mintage level might be reached at some point overnight [Friday],” Mint spokesman Michael White said April 3. “In an effort to provide the best communications to our customers, we made the decision to put the gold coins in a waiting list status at the close of business, while we could still provide the message.

“We believed it was better to notify customers a little early that their orders could potentially be placed on the waiting list rather than a sellout occurring overnight after close of business and then having to notify them that they would not receive a coin(s) because of depleted inventory.”

U.S. Mint officials confirmed March 31 that sufficient orders had been placed to exhaust the maximum 50,000 gold coins authorized.

The estimated breakdown is 32,000 of the Proof gold coins and 18,000 of the Uncirculated gold coins. The exact split won’t be known until the program closes and all sales are audited.

All sales totals reflect sales online, by telephone to the order fulfillment center, at the sales center at Mint headquarters in Washington, D.C., and at the Whitman Baltimore Coin & Collectibles Expo March 27 to 29.

Through April 2, the Mint recorded cumulative sales of:

➤ Single Proof silver dollar, 208,870.

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