Dealer reports theft of coins at Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo

Dick Osborn Rare Coins states double-row box stolen
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Published : 04/02/14
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Doug Davis of the Numismatic Crime Information Center reports that a double-row box of coins was stolen from Brian Cushing of Dick Osborn Rare Coins during the March 2014 Whitman Coin & Collectibles Baltimore Expo.

Davis, a former law enforcement officer in Texas, operates NCIC as a clearinghouse for stolen numismatic material, coordinating the exchange of information between law enforcement agencies and the numismatic community.

Davis provided a partial list of the stolen coins in an email alert to the numismatic community:

➤ 1801 Draped Bust half dime, Extremely Fine 40, LM-2 variety.

➤ 1875 Seated Liberty 20-cent piece, Proof 63+.

➤ 1831 Capped Bust quarter dollar, Good 4, B-7 variety.

➤ 1853 Seated Liberty, No Arrows quarter dollar, Very Fine 35.

➤ 1856 S/S Seated Liberty quarter dollar, VF-30, Briggs 4-E variety.

➤ 1873 Seated Liberty, Closed 3 quarter dollar, EF-45, Briggs 3-B variety.

➤ 1873-CC Seated Liberty quarter dollar, Fine 15, Briggs 1-A variety.

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