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What a 'perfect' gold Kennedy half sells for now

Modern issues in top grades continue to get the attention of collectors putting together grading service Registry Sets.

However, collectors would be wise to keep an eye on grading service population reports to monitor increase of certain issues in top grades as more modern-era coins are submitted to grading services. With a limited number of buyers, addition of new examples certified in top grades can have a big impact on the price.

As the supply of these modern issues is only going to increase over time, to sustain demand more collectors will need to keep wanting these. 

Here is one of three recently sold high-grade modern issues we're profiling in this week's Market Analysis:

The Lot:

2014-W Kennedy gold half dollar, PCGS Proof 70 Deep Cameo

The Price:


The Story:

The 2014-W Kennedy gold half dollar was the hottest coin in the summer of 2014 with a product launch at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money and sales at the U.S. Mint’s sales centers attracting national news attention.

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Demand in those first weeks was frantic! Coins released during the first day of the 2014 ANA show were selling in excess of $3,000 days later (the initial price from the U.S. Mint was $1,240) and dealers looking to amass quantities of the coins were paying people to wait in line overnight at the ANA show.

Prices have since settled down, and on July 24 a 2014-W Kennedy gold half dollar graded PCGS Proof 70 Deep Cameo with a special First Strike Chicago ANA label brought $1,441 at a GreatCollections auction. That amount is perhaps half of what it would have sold for in the late summer of 2014.

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