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2014 First Spouse medal set ‘back’ on sale, briefly

After 7,500 2014 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal sets sold out last fall, the U.S. Mint quickly sold another 3,150 sets in mid-February.

Image courtesy of the United States Mint.

After being sold out, the 2014 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal set was briefly put back on sale by the U.S. Mint.

The return to sale occurred in mid-February, according to some eBay buyers, and lasted less than one day, before the item was placed on “out of stock” status.

On March 26, Adam Stump, the U.S. Mint’s deputy director, Office of Corporate Communications, confirmed for Coin World that an additional 3,150 sets were sold in a period that online sellers report was less than 24 hours. 

Stump did not confirm the exact period of sale for the second batch of medal sets.

Coin World first learned of the sale on March 4 through online sellers, and immediately sought confirmation from the U.S. Mint. 

According to Stump, “Demand for this product was such that when Manufacturing was able to produce additional sets,” they did. “These sold out while still on backorder.”

Because of the congressional gold medal schedule over the next few months, Stump said the U.S. Mint would not be able to produce any more sets for this product going forward.

The 2014 set is listed as “out of stock,” but Stump said Mint sales officials have determined “that we are not able to make more, and as soon as all of the inventory has been shipped, the product will change to sold out status.”

The 2014 First Spouse Bronze Four-Medal set was on sale from the United States Mint for less than a month before 7,500 sets sold out last fall. 

Stump told Coin World Dec. 4 that the set was then considered sold out and had been no longer available starting Nov. 19. The set went on sale Oct. 23.

Collectors wanting to obtain an intact set as packaged and sold by the Mint have been paying a premium on the secondary market. Prices initially rose north of $100 per set, but have settled down to about $40 a set after the second offering. 

The First Spouse medals depict an obverse portrait of each first spouse, with the reverse bearing a design reflective of the first spouse’s contributions to society.

The 2014 medals feature:

??Florence Harding — The reverse depicts multiple facets of Mrs. Harding’s life, including stylized ballots and ballot box, camera and torch.

??Grace Coolidge — The reverse depicts hands finger-spelling the letters USA in American Sign Language against the White House.

??Lou Hoover — The reverse features a late 1920s radio, representing Mrs. Hoover’s first public radio address as first lady, the first to do so.

??Anna Eleanor Roosevelt — The reverse portrays Mrs. Roosevelt’s right hand lighting a candle. A glowing light rises over a stylized graphic of the horizon.

The individual 1.3125-inch Roosevelt and Hoover medals are still available from the Mint packaged in sets, with each respective husband’s Presidential dollar. The medals are identical to those found in the four-piece sets.

At press time, 2011 and 2012 medal sets remain on sale, but the 2013 medal set is sold out. Earlier sets were issued for periods approaching one year, but are no longer offered for sale. 

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